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What to Wear When...It's Your First Day on the Job!

Happy Thursday Y'all! I'm so excited to introduce the What to Wear When Series where readers are given real life examples of outfits that have been worn for common or not so common events that have a possibility of happening in life! Style and fashion can often be made to feel like a sea of right or wrongs, and that's just not possible when expressing yourself. The best inspiration can from from everyday people who dare to try something different or have a knack for rocking trends! I created this space to share,in their own voice, the process behind the "why?" of how outfits are shopped for and styled. Inclusiveness through storytelling is something i'm passionate about, if you'd like to be featured please email with a proposal.

The first installment of the series highlights Courtwords, who wanted something professional, fun, and shows a little bit of who she is for her first day at her new job!


Jeans: My favorite pair from Fashion Nova, no rips so they're totally professional yet show of all my curves!

Shirt: Essential nude colored crop top from Walmart ($7!) Not too bright for my first day, classy, yet still can be dressed up.

Jacket: The highlight of the outfit, a leopard print trench from Marshall's. Instead of zipping it, I tied it at the waist to let the crop top peek from underneath. The jacket provided warmth and comfort throughout the day, but I also could have taken it off if I got hot or felt too stand out ish.

Boots: A GREAT steal from Marshall's, not only were they cute, but they have memory foam in the inside, and they don't click against the ground, my footsteps are silent :)

Backpack: A simple black faux leather bag I've had for a few years. I wanted to have something not.too big, not too small, that I could easily sling over my shoulder and still be professional.

Hair: Since the hair color was so bold, I opted for simpler style by pulling it to the side, making a loose bun with a few tendrils on the sides

All in all, this look was 10/10 would wear again!

Comment below with your favorite piece of Courtwords look, did anything else stand out? Like and share with anyone who has ever worn clothes, ever.

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