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Hinge Boy #2

Happy accident report: A few weeks ago I matched with this cute (and very kind, VERY sarcastic) out of state guy on Hinge and about 48 hours later we went to a concert as our first date :P

Listen. I’m mostly writing this because he sarcastically asked if I had talked about him on my blog yet, but I ended up having a lot of fun writing this! Although both agreed that the date was an 8/10, he's still pretty nervous to hear my thoughts so I made a few promises: I told him that only like three people read my blog, I wouldn't be rude, and if I did decide to talk shit I wouldn't mention him by name.

I'm still not sure if it was dumb or brave to go out with a guy I barely knew, but the timing of Paul’s visit to Cleveland and how easily our conversation flowed online felt like more than a coincidence. Everything being such short notice actually worked in my favor, I didn't have the proper amount of time to even form first date jitters. Live music is my element so I was pretty confident that this was the perfect venue for him to get to know one of the best versions of me.

Taking the necessary precautions, I made sure to give a few of my girls our location and his first and last name so they could do a proper investigation on my behalf. Aside from a few questionable pictures from high school circa 2014, I was able to relax enough to focus on having a great time!

Keeping an open mind per his request, chatting between performance breaks and enjoying new music with a nervous Paul I just met felt... too familiar for us to be strangers. The perfect storm for many possibilities for what our connection could turn into.

Right now I'm happily getting to know him outside of any expectations, after all, we pretty much did everything backwards. I realized that I have a habit of imagining stories of how people can fit into my life before I truly know them, so this post isn't that. It's my reminder that life going off-script can be a pleasant surprise. That I can still be incredibly sad while enjoying life's many happy accidents. And that dating apps don't always get it right, but when they do...I can at least get a concert (and possible friendship) out of the deal :)

Thank you for reading, it feels good to be back! Like, comment, and share with anyone who likes meeting up with strangers and lived to talk about it.

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