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What I Wore When..I Became an Instant Dog Mom!

Welp. You miss a day, you miss a lot. I missed a day, I missed two months worth of posts :P I have a mental laundry list of reasons why this is my first post in a while, but it all adds up to me not knowing what to say. Everything I’ve wanted to talk about seemed minuscule in comparison to all the goings-on in the world, so I didn’t want to put anything out unless it made a real impact. I’ve been handling my responsibilities, but haven’t made time for what energizes me until now.

In an effort to learn how to truly care about something other than myself, I started doing research and I’m now a proud plant mom. Eventually watching something more active felt like the natural next step! Watching my cousin's new puppy, Zulu, was one of the most frustrating, yet emotionally rewarding things I've done in a while. I had no idea how close taking care of a puppy is to raising a child, I just wanted to be cute with a puppy for a few days. I ended up getting a real insight into what type of parent I could possibly be.

I'm definitely the mom that googles everything and sticks to a strict schedule. I was the one waking up at 7 am taking him out, taking him out every two hours on the dot, keeping to his feeding schedule, googling different commands on how to keep him from nipping at my feet. To my surprise I’m also the mom that's super affectionate, Zulu's sweet face makes me melt! I was so proud every time he used the bathroom outside, he woke me up sitting on my head EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING., and he was more snuggly and less of an asshole when he could sense I was sad. We didn’t like each other all the time, but love kept us together!

For the longest time, I've been up in the air about what family will mean for me when the time is right. Parenting even a puppy for a week was a labor of love that I didn't expect to have the capacity for, but I did...and I still do. It felt good to nurture something, to navigate life with this new thing I love. Now doing this thang for 18 years is another story, but it felt good to be open to the possibility of it. My heart is open to whatever expands my capacity to love outside of myself.

Top: Travis Scott's Birds Eye View Concert T-shirt

I love Travis Scott! I knew of his music prior to Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, but Birds was his first album that I messed with HEAVY, no skips! This shirt was probably expensive as hell, but this concert was one of my favorite memories!

Bottoms: Fila sweatpants

YA KNOW I HAD TO DO IT TO EM! If you know me then you know I love Fila any and everything. When I tell you Costco's has everything that includes these $15 Fila sweatpants. I bought some in grey, black, and navy. Perfect for around the house, these sweatpants have been one of my best investments yet!

Slides: Nike slides

I borrowed these from my cousin Jackson, I'm assuming he ordered them online. I have a couple of slide in sandals that are closer to Birkenstocks, but now I want some of these for myself!

Comment below with an experience that made your heart grow in an expected way! Like and share with a pet owner that could use a break!

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