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Get to Know My Style!

Oh yay it's Thursday! My last post announced my birthday gift giveaway that I can't shut up about which was exciting! One rule of entry requires participants to fill out a Wardrobe Consultation Form that is used in each Tier of the styling services offered on BWRY’s website. These questions help assess your style, lifestyle, and video chat preferences! After filling out the form, you will be emailed recommendations to update your wardrobe and be required to schedule a 15-minute video chat that goes more in-depth with my selections. Below I filled out my own form to kick things off, ENJOY!

Upload up to 5 pictures of the favorite pieces in your closet! These should be items you’re open to revamping or enhancing.

What are your measurements? ( ie. Medium, 27in, size 8) . Please include any variation in size at stores you frequent.

Jeans: 8/ 29 or 28

Shirt: Medium

Bra: 34C

Undies: Medium

Shoe: 11 ( Leeme A Loan)

Options for video chat service.

Skype, Google Duo, Video chat via Instagram

When are you available to chat? ( ie. Monday, Afternoon)

Whenever, but preferably in the afternoon. I make my own schedule :)

Share your social media! Checking out your Twitter and/or Instagram will give me the best idea of your style :)

@Alexinwnderland , @thebwry

Describe your style in 3 words!

Masculine, Free, and Proportional

What do you want your style to say to others?

"I’m a stylist and you shouldn't be shocked by that !"

How far in advance do you plan outfits?

Morning of…

How do you plan your outfits?

It’s a feeling!

What's important to you when it comes to style?

Price, Quality

What’s your typical budget?

I chose a 3, so that’s about $75 ( give or take)

How much do you end up spending?

I typically shop online, I chose a 3 so I’m spending right on par with my budget.

Who's style do you admire the most and why?

Teyana Taylor because she's gender-bending, sexy, and memorable.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Most online retailers, especially if I already know my sizeeeeee

Do you prefer shopping In-store or Online?


What aspect of fashion are you most curious about?

Sticking to clothing assigned by gender is boring, why do so many people do it?

Comment below with what surprised you most with my style preference! Like and share with someone interested in my giveaway!

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