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Talkin' TV: Alex Karev is Really... Gone.

Whew. Take me instead Lord. If you just started watching 'Grey's Anatomy' congratulations are in order! It's one of the shows that sparked my love of TV, the first time I thought "wow, I want to write that." Newbies I hate to spoil it, but "Grey's" goes bad after Season 11 so your days are numbered. I can't stop watching now because I'm brainwashed and I owe this show so much.

Losing Alex Karev really fucking sucks. According to, Justin Chambers announced his departure from ABC’s hit series “Grey’s Anatomy” after 15 years. In a statement obtained by Variety Chambers plans to diversify his acting roles with the full support of his family ( God, and I just love that his wife is BLACK by the way!). It's interesting that Shonda Rhimes, Showrunner and creator of Shondaland, hasn't addressed his departure at all. She's never been afraid to end a role with a quickness when actors are acting up, so his mention in storylines will reveal a lot.

As one of the last four original characters on the show, fans deserved a better send-off. When we think about character development, especially in terms of 'Grey's', Alex Karev is a strong example. He went from being this rough around the edges surgical intern, banging every woman the moves to being respected in his field in and respected and loved by his colleagues. His backstory really humanized him in a way I had never seen before, we should have hated him but didn't. I love that Alex was more than his romantic relationships, not was the one saving crazy women like the friends who loved him enough to give him a new beginning. The strongest relationship and support system he had was with Meridith and I’m SO glad nothing ever happened between them. The lasting connection he found with Jo feels so right because it was rooted in friendship, healing, and work.

By the end of the series Alex’s career was taking off, but past and present family drama really test him. Considering that Season 16, episode 8 titled “My Shot” was the last time that we would see Alex, we deserved more than a passing mention of him going to take care of his mom and that's how it ends. My interest in Jo was just starting to pick up, in part because they were finally getting to be on the same page in their relationship and possibly starting a family. Who's going to be Meridith’s person now? The heart of the show is lost and has been for some time now. The series needs to wrap up in the next couple of seasons, properly ending a couple of storylines and having a meaningful death can save its integrity. All that being said, I'm still going to watch and hope I get proven wrong.

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