Why I Write.

I write to take up space. Blank pages make me anxious. I like control.

Unless I know you like that, talking is stressful. My voice annoys me, not enough to hold me back professionally, but enough that I'm selective about when I speak. I'm most comfortable with conversational writing because I talk to myself a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Everything in my head is fast, detailed, and repeating. I've learned to not speak on everything as the best writing is based on organic observation. I love the challenge of repainting a picture that you've already seen or one that you can only imagine. It's frustratingly beautiful.

I write because I have more shit to say than I think I do. The thought of going through life being seen and not heard ( read? whatever) pains me. I'm already more memorable than I give myself credit for. I'm learning to love feeling unsteady while simultaneously holding onto what I'm confident I can grow with. Writing has always...been there. When I need a chance to think, breathe, and think again before throwing things into the universe, I write. When I need to pour the worst parts of me onto a page, I always have one. My only hope is that I'm clear, concise, and felt enough for a response.

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