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What to Wear When... Your Sister Makes You Write A Blog Post

*Note from the Editor: I was gonna try and clean this up and flush it out a little more, but I believe every writer should own the voice that's authentic to them and their subject.... this is exactly what he gave me, enjoy! *

My sister has been begging me to write a blog post for her for a while now and much as I loathe writing she finally got me to do it. I’ve had plans of prompts to write about that I found interesting but nothing really stuck with me or seemed in line with what her blog is about, but she got lucky when we went on a joint trip to DFW while on my way back home for spring break. I picked up a couple of clothes there and she wanted me to style them into outfits and talk about why I picked them. Now I didn’t have all my clothes at home to choose from but I was able to make it work, so here’s what happens when your sister makes you write a blog post.

Jacket: Goodfellow & Co Beige Fleece jacket.

I am admittedly a huge fan of fleece and Sherpa material clothes, they always look so comfy so when I saw this at DFW I was immediately drawn to it and when I say it was only $10 I immediately started styling it with other things in my head.

Top: “AXIS” Graphic tee

I actually ordered this shirt from Depop for like $8 I believe so I was good for the price. Ironically, I bought it for the graphic on the back but the graphic on the front serves a nice purpose as well. I feel like the dark green color adds a nice off-color to the outfit too.

Pants:  ASOS Tall black chinos

Not really much to say about these, simple black pants that feel slightly more comfortable than jeans and are actually my length solid essential piece to most of my outfits.

Shoes: Vans Old Skools 

Classic shoes with an added bit of character due to my skateboarding scuff marks :/

Jacket: Desert Camo Denim Jacket

I was never really a big fan of Camo print clothes but my sister was strangely adamant about me getting, I say strangely because despite her high interest in me getting the jacket she herself wasn’t willing to pay for it for me. Still, it appeared to come together with everything else.

Hoodie: Dickies Fleece Hoodie

Now like I said I am heavily biased towards Fleece so much so that I’m willing to buy one that’s two sizes too big. I wasn’t entirely sure if it’s oversized and longline fit worked with the jacket but my sister was confident in it and I’m confident in her so I think it worked out, I’m excited to wear this with other things I’m a fan of the oversized look.

Pants: ASOS Tall Blue Jeans

Another piece that’s essential to me cause of its fit and versatility. It shades well with everything else so it blends in well into the overall outfit.

Show Hermy some love! Comment below with your favorite pieces from either fit! Make sure to like and share with your annoying sibling :)

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