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What to Wear When… You’re getting back to Yourself

Updated: May 5, 2020

This outfit as from a few months ago when I was having a hard time bouncing back from my breakup. It was my first night out with friends in such a long time, I really needed to be out in the world and get my mind off everything. Trying on 15 million pieces to land on the perfect outfit was the most I had felt like myself in awhile. If you leaving this blog knowing anything about me, know that grabbing drinky drinks and dinner with loved ones is my favorite things to do. No matter how lost I feel, I never want to stop sharing or lose touch with the people I love. For one night I wanted to get back to myself, I did just that.

Jacket: Collusion Tall leather look biker jacket by ASOS is one of my favorite purchases this year! I was specifically looking for a dope jacket that wasn't bulky and complimented my outfit in a semi dressy way.

Purse: Shoutout to Kira helping me get this conservation starter! I can't go anywhere without getting complimented on my Chinese takeout purse. The red design on the bag are the perfect pop of color without distracting from anything else. Honestly, this is the only black purse I have so it was a clear choice.

Top: One sleeved shawty!! As soon as I saw this crop top on ASOS I knew I had to have it, are many black and white striped arsenal but nothing like this! I love love showing skin in interesting ways so this was an easy love affair. The stripes were a welcomed break from the solid orange pants and kept my body proportioned.

Pants: Are cargo pants the latest love of my life? I think so! These pair caught my eye at Target, I needed something that stood out and could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. These are the perfect length, have pockets, AND hits right below my belly button.

Heels: Payless, say less! I was forward thinking enough to get these right before Payless went completely bankrupt and closed all its stores. Similar to sock boots I've seen for Yeezy season 4, these are a comfortable less expensive option. These black block heels were so easy for me to walk in and were the perfect finishing touch to my outfit.

Comment below with the piece in your closet that makes you feel the most confident! Like and share with someone who is getting back to themselves :)

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