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What to Wear When...You're Expecting!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

"What to Wear When..." posts are always written by the people being featured because it makes the post more authentic, accurate, and interesting. Writing your own post is non-negotiable...unless you go into labor early and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy named Langston Le Croix! As the duties of motherhood call, I figured writing this post for my Zahra was the least I could do :)

It's hard to pinpoint why someone else's pregnancy would be so emotional for me. Yes, I'm emotionally unstable, but also this is a HUGE fucking deal. I've known Zahra since the 5th grade, and since the fifth grade, she has acted like somebody's mama. Always loud, funny as hell, real, and really loving. When Zahra first told me she was pregnant I was so blinded by being Auntie Al, I didn't completely grasp the gravity of how her life would change raising a child. I'd get to send him cute little outfits and sneak junk food, all those important things. Langston's birth is such a beautiful way to round off the year and I can't wait to see Z's continued growth during the journey that is Motherhood.

A Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower was the perfect way to welcome Zahra's pot of honey to family and friends. Wearing a yellow maternity dress layered with a red cropped 'Pooh' shirt from Forever 21, Zahra embodied the theme by bringing Winnie to life! Her mom went above and beyond, making all the decorations and treats by hand could be nothing other than a labor of love. Everything was perfectly personal from the painted tiny, hand-painted honey pots to the crocheted Winnie the Pooh outfit and honey pot made for baby Langston's winter arrival. Opening all the gifts and playing games brought everyone together, one thing baby Langston and mom will never have to question is how loved they are by their village. I'm so thankful that mom and baby are healthy, love you Zar Zar!

-Alexandria in for Zahra :)

Comment below with your favorite part of baby showers! Like and share with someone who could use a high note :)

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