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What I Was Wearing When…I Accidentally Went Viral?

To be clear this is a FLEX. This past Saturday was Bath and Body Works annual candle day and I decided to make myself seen! I love Bath and Body Work candles, not only does my mom have them all around the house but they've become apart of my daily rituals from taking a shower to calming down an intense work session. I don't really pay full price for anything ever, so also includes a $24.50 for a full size candle Bath and Body. This year the promotional price for full size candles were $9.50, which was higher than last year's price of $8 but I already committed to going so I got over it. My friend Brey works at the location closest to my house and told me the sale started when the doors opened at 4am. Yes, the same 4am that happens in the morning. I wanted to beat the crowd and have the best pick of all the scents so I set my alarm for 3:30am and hoped for the best!

Mother and Courtney refused to get up that early , which was fine because I didn't need anyone slowing me down. I stood in line for about 5 mins and the doors to the store opened right on time! I grabbed a shopping bag and cardboard candle holders and got to work. My first stop was the section of Gingham candles for Mother and Courtney because I'm so nice! I'm fan of subtle scents, so I took some time to smell my favorites and newbies. I narrowed down my choices, got a few car air fresheners and skedaddled out the door at 4:30am!

Right before heading to my car I snapped a couple selfies to celebrate my new candles and getting a good start to the day! Before I went back to sleep I shared the picture a picture on Instagram and Twitter with the caption “Y’all clapping cheeks at 4am, I’m buying candles...we aren’t the same! #bathandbodyworks” . WHY DID I WAKE UP TO A STEADY STREAM OF ENGAGEMENT? LIKES, RETWEETS, COMMENTS, ALL OF THAT. The lack of dick in my life is only kind of funny, so I didn’t think so many people would relate to my jokey joke or think it was THAT funny. Most people that replied were kind, funny as hell, or both! I had a few pocket watchers, that hated that I woke up early for "overpriced and cheap" candles. It really confirmed I'm probably not meant to be famous, because tried to go after everyone being negative. At the end of the day all that matters that I'm cozy as hell with my candles! It was fun to be popping for a minute, here's what I was wearing:

Jacket : Longline Camo puffy jacket, originally from Ashley Stewart but I purchased at Designer Fashion Warehouse in Columbus ( only $15 thank you very muuch! ) . Being that it was so early it was definitely cold outside, I needed something lightweight since I wouldn't over heat in my hoodie.

Top: Unapologetically shirtless and braless, I was on a mission! I would describe my top as a teddy coat hoodie, which I got from the men’s section at Walmart! It’s not only cute and warm, but a great length. It was an easy something to toss on as I headed out for the sale.

Bottom: You can’t see them in the picture, but I was wearing black Fila sweatpants from Costco ( they really do carry everything there! ).

Boots: I popped on my newish Chestnut Neumel Uggs, they matched the hoodie and were the first pair of shoes I found in the dark at 3:30am.

Comment below with your favorite Bath and Body works candle scent! Like and Share this post with anyone you know so I can get more followers on social media :)

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