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The Brightside of Working Remote

Coronavirus and the panic surrounding it has really got me fucked up. Not only have I had to readjust to having my brother back home from OSU (gross), I don't know if when I randomly start having trouble breathing it's completely because of my anxiety OR if I got the Rona which actually involves respiratory issues...which still makes me panic. Being that I'm already used to eating up all the food, washing my hands, and not leaving out unless absolutely necessary, no changes have been too drastic (although I am down about not being able to go to the gym). While many people in the service and restaurant industries have lost their jobs, many of us are fortunate enough to be able to work from home!

Excluding the occasional in-person social events, my current role is entirely remote and I love it! My schedule is super flexible and I can work wherever I want. It is challenging to style people I can't see and I have to make more of an effort to connect with people IRL, but I don't feel anything is to my disadvantage. I've come to realize that working from home is all about minimizing distractions and making continual productive use of your time. Getting adjusted to your new environment will take some time, these questions work as a checklist to make sure you're making the most of your time working from home!

Where ya working?

I'm currently working on renovating my room into an office space. My current workspace is a desk I have next to my bed where I keep my laptop and notebooks. Working from home is still WORKING. It's important for your area to give you a sense of structure and have a setup that makes sense for how you work.

Pro Tip: Get a computer monitor and wireless mouse that connects to your laptop, it's the little things that make a WORLD of difference!

Where's ya phone?

Do Not Disturb has been my best friend for the longest time! I'm so popular, hot, and fun that people will not stop hitting my line, SO embarrassing. I keep this setting on for the entirety of my shift and only have an exception for phone calls. Working remotely helped me realize that I can only complete things at my best if focusing is my only option, I love making my phone work for me!

How long ya working?

With my schedule constantly changing I make sure to keep a timer on for my shifts so I know EXACTLY when to CLOCK OUT OKURT. I set my schedule to work just long enough to where I don't have to break for lunch. If you're working longer than 5 hours, make time for a break. Looking at a computer screen all day without acknowledging your physical needs will fry your brain and make your shift drag. TAKE A BREAK!

Are ya eating?

I start my shifts no later than noon because I don't want to be at work all day and doing what I love is a great way to start the day! One of the best parts of working from home is actually eating breakfast now! Eggs, bacon, toast ALLL DAT! During my shift, I have Lil snacky snacks like almonds and cheese its (ONLY white cheddar because I love myself). Staying hydrated is just as important, I have tea with breakfast and keep my water bottle filled throughout the day.

What are ya listening to?

I work in. complete. silence. My clients would look CRAZY if I styled them hype to Trippie Red and anything by Migos. I tried listening to podcasts, but I'm still not at the point where I can do my job in autopilot yet and I always get lost in listening. Listen to what works for you, maybe when I get more comfortable at work I'll try listening to movie scores or something...

I wanted to share how I made working from home my b!%*# because staying productive is one of the few things keeping my mental health together. Social isolation has made my anxiety manifest in the worst ways, I keep thinking about the worst things over and over and OVER again. Lean into what brings happiness, work makes me happy. I've been learning how to do hair in preparation to catch some coins this summer. I also video chat with friends and catch up on my shows because balance is important! Do what feels good to you, but don't forget there's a full life after this!

Comment below with how you're keeping your mental health in check in social isolation! Like and share with anyone you can, it's not like they have anything better to do :)

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