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Talkin' TV: Styling Hollywood

Thank you Netflix. Thank you Jesus. Styling Hollywood is nothing I assumed it would be and everything I needed as an up and coming stylist. Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis are the heads of JSN Studio, hustling to expand the space of style and interior design in Hollywood. My interest in the show peaked when I knew Jason was attached, I was first introduced to him through his commentary on red carpet looks for E! News.

Entrepreneurship at its finest, I was surprised to see JSN was a smaller operation that worked its way up to having the niche clientele of highly successful black professionals. Can I just say that Adair is a complete gem for how he handled the situation with his assistant Kafia ? He allowed her to openly freelance for other jobs for who knows how long while playing her close to 6 figure salary and that still wasn't enough. TUH. Personal relationships and business can work, but only when you don't take advantage of a good situation.

Simmering some of the drama, seeing some of my favorite celebrities off screen, on screen (that makes sense right?) was refreshing! Gabrielle Union going interior decorating and trying to figure out how she would explain a USED expensive ass couch to D. Wade was not only hilarious, but very relatable! I always assumed that Janet Mock is perfect in every way, but watching her EFFORTLESSLY slay every take of that photo-shoot confirmed her power! Watching women own the room and speak their mind is something I can always get used to.

I actually loved that I didn't agree with a few of Jason's styling choices, I learned alot from his process. Styling for the person and the event is so important. Because Storm Reid was one of the hosts of the Teen Vouge Summit she needed to look easy, breezy, and professional! The jumper chosen was perfect, but the brown body with black sleeves didn't scream young, bright bawse bitch. I would have preferred to see her in a peach jumper with gold heels and matching accented jewelry.

I'm excited to see what's next for the couple career and family wise. I understood Adair's frustration of Jason's indecisiveness towards being ready to have a child. I related with Jason being worried he's not enough, I wasn't shown affection growing up much either and I'm always worried that my kids might not know how much I love them. I love Jason and Adair’s relationship because it's one of balance, a true partnership. Next season I hope we're introduced to new celebrity faces and innovative designers that are young, hungry, and dying to style Hollywood!

Have you watched Styling Hollywood yet? What other shows would you like to hear my take on? Comment below and share with a Netflix addict!

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