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'Take a Look' @ My Glasses!

Y'all are STILL eating up my BoJack post and I couldn't be happier! Getting a notification when my website gets a new visitor makes me so happy! I can't help but smile because people all over the world are reading and rereading my work. My obsession with TV is starting to (kinda) pay off.

While I've been having a great time reading and watching some amazing things that I can share with you and give my opinion on, I'm also looking forward to getting personal again. The 'Take a Look' series is all about figuring out creative ways I can show and style my most favorite, recent purchases! From lookbooks to photo collages, you'll get to see how I spend (and even sometimes save) my coins. As a personal stylist, pushing the envelope in regards to my style and owning my appearance truly aligns with my goals for the future and it isn't easy. Absorbing everything about the TV and Fashion industry means that I have to invest in myself and start paying my dues.

Today's 'Take a look' is ironically about my new prescription glasses. I've been wearing glasses since the 3rd grade, years of thick black nerd frames or the awkward purple sparkle cat-eye frames still haunt me today. A few years ago, Ambrosia Mallborough did a review on her experience with ordering from Firmoo, I was hooked! All the different options for frame and lens customizations helped me realize that glasses can be accessories too!

I've ordered from Firmoo a few times now and I've always had a great experience. This most recent time I wanted to order a new pair of glasses before the only pair I had broke. I love Firmoo because they make everything so simple, I already had my most recent prescription saved so I was able to start shopping right away! Honestly, I added about 10 frames to my cart and was able to narrow it down to 2 pairs. I wanted thin frames that easily complimented and enhanced most of my outfits since I hardly wear contacts. When I decided on frames F26817M and S3571X I didn't need to adjust the dimensions of the frames since I have an average-sized head. The glasses are made and shipped in China so there was an unexpected delay due to business closures related to Coronavirus. I wasn't in a rush and with Firmoo's BOGO deal I only ended up paying $41.84. The quality is great, but I will be more cautious about sleeping in them because of the thinner frame. 'Take a Look' @ my new glasses below:

Comment below with your favorite everyday accessory! Like and share with someone who wears glasses but could always use another pair!

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