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Seal it with a (Softer) Kiss!

Updated: May 5, 2020

With Valentine's Day coming up this week, I want to help you put your best lips forward when kissing that special someone! My lips were one of my biggest insecurities growing up. DSL. That's how they have been described since Jr. High School. I wasn't sure what that attention meant from guys, but I remember being embarrassed by it. Being sexualized that young made me really passive in regards to my relationship with self. I have a beauty mark on my lip that I always assumed was already distracting, I never wanted to draw more attention to my lips so I only ever wore anymore than clear chapstick.

I can proudly say that I wear my lips well, the fullness of my lips is something to celebrate! It's important to embrace whatever helps you stand out and be the best version of yourself. I love my beauty mark so much that I almost always forget I have it. I wore red lipstick the other day I didn't immediately wipe it off, hell my lips are the thumbnail picture to this post. That's progress!

Taking care of these bad boys ain't for the weak! Even though I do wake up extremely beautiful every morning I have to make a point of brushing my lips when I brush my teeth as a part of daily maintenance. The whitener in toothpaste keeps my lips light and my toothbrush bristles work as a light exfoliant. I keep at least one tube of Aquaphor with me AT ALL TIMES. In this post we're making a simple sugar scrub I use every once and awhile when I need a deeper exfoliant that won't dry my lips out. Enjoy!


One Popeye's honey packet - I don't like honey enough to buy it, so I used what I had!

Granulated Sugar (white or brown)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Pour one packet of Popeye's honey into a bowl

Add 1 teaspoon of both sugar and olive oil to the bowl

Stir until it's the consistency of a thick paste

Apply to your lips, after wiping off the scrub apply a lip moisturizer! Just like that, instantly kissable!

I don't have any Valentine's Day plans so comment with any suggestions that will keep me active and filled with love! Like and share with someone you want to give a romantic or platonic smooch to :) Have a great week!

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