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New Year's Eve Was...

a great time from what I remember! My good sis Tequila is now a distant cousin. She said, "Alex, make a scene", I made a movie. Literally all I remember is going to my friend Liz's party, Denny's turning into a Waffle House, and waking up on my couch with a face full of makeup still on :( I was so...peacefully fried. Bringing in the New Year relaxed and with some of the people I love is hopefully what I'm looking forward to all 2020. I was hungover all day yesterday and enjoyed quality time with my family celebrating Kwanza. Please know that I'm coming back and better than this post for the rest of the year, today I just needed to get my life back on track. See you next Tuesday lol

Comment below with how your New Year's Eve went! Like and share with someone who needs a hangover cureeeeeee :)

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