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My Ultimate Black Hair Playlist!

Today’s post was supposed to be a love letter to my natural hair, but lately I haven’t been feeling very loving towards her lately. You can checkout the crux of my natural hair journey in 'I 4C You Loving Roothie Patootie, Too!', but my hair and I have literally been through thick and thin together. I'm so proud of my 4C hair and it's versatility, I can go from box braids to a silk press in a matter of days and the integrity of my hair is still there. I do love my hair, but lately it's growth seems stagnant. It’s not my entire head of hair that's the problem, it’s my undercut. IT REFUSES TO GROW. I'm sure part of it is when I get anxious I pull at it, but it doesn't help that my scalp is still recovering from a relaxer and heat gone bad. Every black person has a salon horror story, whether it’s the smell of burning hot comb or that one barber that's a little too clipper happy. Mine is fairly simple, I was getting a touch up on my relaxer and my scalp started burning early on in the application. I at least wanted my hair to be manageable if it couldn't be straight so I said NOTHING to my stylist. Since letting the nape of neck catch fire my hair in the back has been really fragile and my hair follicles don't hit like they use to.

I would love to say that was the last time I got a perm, it wasn't. I'vesince been DELIVERT from the creamy crack and heat in general for a few years now. I don't go to salons regularly anymore, I can cornrow my own hair for wigs and I can always find someone that's good for box braids and other protective styles. While we've been in isolation black people have been forced into getting to know out natural hair for ourselves for the first time in a while or for the first time ever. The beauty salon, barbershop, and beauty supply store are our essential businesses for fellowship and having access to tools that make understanding all of our hair types a little easier. I made a mistake with my hair when I was younger that I'm still recovering from, I know if I had fallen in love with my natural hair sooner or cared about it more than my vanity then I could have saved myself alot of tears today. Watching series like 'Watch Me Recreate' by my Queen Arnellarmon or my new favorite braid slayer extraordinaire DOPEaxxPANA, I realized that we're all always continuing to learn our hair and YouTube one of the best resources! I love watching videos of all the newbies, all the successful results , and mistakes that remind me while I'm crying in the mirror trying to do the same style that it wouldn't be as fun if we got it right on the first try.

The Ultimate Black Hair Playlist is my personal collection of videos that have helped me to love and manage my hair over the years. Many of these women aren't professional hairstylists, just everyday women that took the time to learn their own hair for themseleves and wanted to educate others! Dive in, take a look around, and GOOD LUCK!

Videos I fell in love with along the way (By Style):



Faux Locs /Twist

Crochet Braids

Sew Ins



Natural hair

Relaxed hair/Heat added

Comment below if you found any of these videos helpful! Like and share with anyone who's having a hard time with thier hair right now. We're gonna get through this together!

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