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Make it What? HOT!

As you may know, real hot girls keep it heated all year round so today's a great day to show Megan Thee Stallion some love! I love her so much that I subconsciously shorten her name to Meg Thee Stallion so it can come out quicker and I can talk about her even more. While there's a complicated history between women and hip hop, artist like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj helped paved the way for Megan to take control of her image and sexual expression. Different body types will go in and out of style, but being a hot girl is forever. Being a hot girl has less to do with how you look and more about the confidence you have in regards to what you allow into your life. Doing you, unapologetically. Supporting other women, being money motivated, and being upfront about your needs in a relationship is REAL HOT GIRL SHIT.

Seeing Meg in concert was amazing, her body and stamina were on POINT. Everything is homegrown, she really earned that body. Meg is first female rapper that isn't messy and seems genuinely supportive of everyone. I listen to her often, but especially when I forget who the fuck I am. I love that was able to build the career she wants, the way she has, with her mom by her side. My mom and I definitely bumped heads when I started having sex and my way of sexual expression, so it's good to know it isn't always a point of contention. Megan is showing us how to live by own terms, she’s not begging or asking twice. Here are a few of my favorite songs of hers and why I love them:


“I keep it realer than real

Fuck all the critics and fuck how they feel

I’m getting money, it is what it is

They wanna know how I did what I did

Don't worry ’bout why I do what I do (Bitch)

'Cause I ain't worried bout you (Bitch)

Nah, I don't wanna be cool (Bitch)

Still hanging with the same crew (Ayy)”

Whew. I have about 5 people’s opinions (maybe) that I take into consideration, but nobody's opinion is more important than mine. Honestly, being able to look in the mirror and say “I did what’s best for me” is something I wasn’t able to do even a few months ago. Now that I can, I’m not losing that for anyone. Nobody has life figured out, but somehow everyone thinks they know what's best for other people. RELAX. I’ve never been in other people's business, so gaining confidence in my opinions and voice should only help further my own goals.

Sex Talk

“Put my feet up on the bed, ride it to the tip-top (Tip-top)

He like it doggystyle 'cause I make that ass pop (Ass pop)

He never finna leave me 'cause I got that drip-drop (Drip-drop)

Said his last bitch still fuckin' like a robot”

First, Meg better TALK THAT TALK because confidence and technique are two of the sexiest things you can bring to the bedroom! Effort is an indicator of interest, if you want them to know you care you better show up and showww out! This isn’t really relationship advice, the only thing that keeps your partner is them wanting to stay! Good sex is all about communication, exploration, compatibility, and safety. Have fun in bed!

Money Good

“...Bitch, I'm out here ballin' like a motherfuckin' fade

I can't gossip with you when there's money to be made

I'm tryna get my pockets 99 Ricki Lake

When you bein' real you ain't worry 'bout who fake”

I love women who are about their money and say it like they mean it! My life is completely drama free, I actually love reality shows because all the exaggerated drama is so interesting to me. I only have a few close friends and that makes people uncomfortable for some reason . I've never confused quality with quantity, I trust everyone close to me and they are about their business. I always leave opportunity for relationship to grow especially in regards of networking, but deeper connections just don't form overnight. Gossiping is corny mostly because if you’re that into someone else’s business you aren't about your own, how can you speculate about something you know NOTHING ABOUT? Just because something isn't happening to you now doesn't mean it can't happen to you next., stay in your lane :)

Comment below with your favorite song from Megan Thee Stallion ! Like and share below with any stallions or ponies you know! Send Meg some love on social media today too :)

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