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Lori Harvey's Life is Good on Her OWN

If you know me you know that I'm obsessed with everything pop culture! I can rattle off the most random facts about any celebrity without realizing I'm lowkey going on a tangent. I'm always interested in how everyone else lives their life, but the world of celebrity brings a whole different lens of curiosity for me. What does it mean to be a celebrity? How do they know who to trust? Do they poop?

Lori Harvey is one of the best examples of how I would be if I were a celebrity. Just watching while other people go crazy creating narratives about my life, not saying a word. Everyone speculates EVERYTHING about her life (especially her love life) based on social media posts. No man, no matter who she's dating or seeing is the most important part of her. What I love most about her is that she hasn't done anything but mouthed Future lyrics and continued to live her best life! Well. Watching her guest spot on Pretty Little Thing: Behind Closed Doors Podcast dispels any preconceived notions put out by the media. Here's what I learned and loved about her interview:

Be kind with a pretty face

She's constantly serving body and face, everyone in the universe agrees that she is BADDDD! Listening to her interview was great because we see her beauty all the time, but hearing her talk about her passions makes her seem genuine, kind, and humble. Use your looks to your advantage, but be more than that. She's more than a pretty face, she's someone looking to build a life around her passion. She's someone that other people want to be around, work with, and love. Life is Good!

Be resilient

In her interview, she talks about an accident that prohibited her from being active in sports so so she had to find another path. She used her family's connection with Dolce & Gabbana and used that to orchestrate her first big break in runway (which is really spectacular because she's not the tallest). Her work in modeling gives her opportunities to travel and make friends from around the world. If she would have stopped at the first roadblock she would still be fine, but probably not as fulfilled.

Look forward to what's next

Towards the end of the interview, she talks about looking forward to tackling new projects because she feels like she's never doing enough. I related to being so overwhelmed with excitement about finally following your passion and being open to any opportunities that reveal themselves. We're young, but that doesn't necessarily mean we have more time on our side. Listening to Lori I've learned to move, you have everything to gain by consistently putting your best foot forward. Be flexible, while staying true to yourself and you'll never lose.

Know what brings you structure

With her schedule changing day to day, one thing that gives her a sense of structure is making celery juice every morning. Having that moment to herself ensures that her day is started on the right foot! Like many of us, her family and friends also keep her structured and sane. They know what's true and false about what's going on with her, having randoms speak on her life knowing she has good people in her corner that sees the real her has to feel good.

The best part of everything I just wrote is that it's still speculation, she really could be the worst and I wouldn't know. I love these ideas that she's presented to the world and celebrate them!

Comment below with the best advice someone has given you. Like and share with someone who spoke on Lori with conviction without hearing her speak.

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