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Lookin' Good, Feline Fine for Halloween 2019!

Happy Halloween!! I don't know about you but my Halloween this year feels particularly...hallow. I know, I know, I should always be in the Halloween spirit. Although I attended HallOUween capital of the world, as a Resident Assistant I was always so busy watching out for drunken escapades I was too tired to have my own! This Halloween is particularly sad-ish because I only had couples costumes planned, and now that I'm single I don't care enough to be creative last minute. Like we all know a Whitney costume would be FIREEE with or without Bobby, but the reenactment of them cutting up at the Hyatt Hotel Gift Shop is only magic because of their energy together.

In my feelings or not, I will never miss out on a opportunity for free food (every Halloween Chipolte offers $4 booritos to customers wearing costumes). I needed a quick and inexpensive Halloween costume :) Thinking on my feet, a cat makeup tutorial was simply… purrrfect! It only takes about 5 mins and you can wear whatever you have on! Check it out:


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Palette -

  • Wet n Wild black lipstick- Dollar Tree

  • LA Colors auto Eyeliner - Dollar Tree

  • Black Radiance Waterproof Mascara - Walmart

  • Cat ears - CVS


  1. Put lipstick on the front of your nose, cupid's bow, and top lip.

  2. Draw whisker follicles (within your laugh lines) and whiskers (right outside of your laugh line).

  3. Plop on those cat ears!!

** Optional: Apply mascara and/or eye shadow to make your eyes pop! From my Anastasia Beverley Hills Jackie Aina Palette I used Soleil and Shookington on my eyelids and Zamn in my inner corner (Auntie Jackie would be so proud!). **

There you have it! Enjoy your burrito, Spooky Dick ( or Pussy) , and whatever other festivities you have today and this weekend :) Stay safe and have fun!

What candy did you always want while trick or treating? I hate chocolate, but loved finding Kit Kats :) Comment below and share if you dare 🧟‍♀

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