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Kim Kardashian Stopped Wearing Braids, Now What?

I understand what this sounds like, keep reading because this isn’t that. I'm aware that the Kardashian/Jenner klan wouldn't have the empire they do today if not for the carefully selected and absorbed stereotyped aspects of black culture, purposefully repackaged for white mainstream. Amongst lip fillers and ass injections, one of the continued grievances black women seem to have with Kim and the other sisters are the braided hairstyles. From Fulani braids to matching french braids with North West, there are a lot of styles to keep up with.

When she hadn't taken the time to educate herself on the true background of the styles, especially her precious "Bo Derek Braids", she was blissfully ignorant at the very least. Like in every other situation we spoke up for ourselves and our culture, but I'm starting to think any actual outrage needs to be directed towards the bigger picture. The people who literally can't wear these hairstyles, not those who "shouldn't" be wearing them.

According to, New York and California are the only states that have laws preventing hairstyle discrimination. Law S.6209A/A.7797A amends the Human Rights Law and Dignity for All Students Act to ensure that hairstyles are included with traits associated with race. The issue isn’t only Kim Kardashian and random white people wearing styles associated with black culture, it’s that people of color are being penalized for doing that very thing. I need to hear less about Kim Kardashian being able to wear braids and more about black children across the country that are being sent home for wearing box braids or having their locs cut off at a wrestling tournament.

If I decide to have kids one day they’ll probably have locs and are welcome to any other style their heart desires. I want to change the conversation to focus on abetter future, one where kids are allowed to be kids. Where my hair in its natural state isn’t an immediate attack on my professionalism or a political statement. Hairstyles have the potential to eventually become an accepted way of culture sharing similar to food or music. At any rate, being respectful while appreciating cultures is a necessity. It's actually harder to not know something today. Look the thing up, and ALWAYS be willing to have a conversation!

What is your favorite way to participate or learn about another culture? Comment below and share with someone who has heard of Kim Kardashian :)

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