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I heart Poshmark!

I love a good a good side hustle and multiple avenues of revenue are the way of the world! A few months ago I started organizing and selling my clothes online because I wasn't ready for another serious job and I need to declutter my closet ( hey, why not catch a few coins while I'm at it? ). A few of my friends and family have a had great experiences with second-hand selling websites like Depop and Poshmark so I gave them a try. Selling my clothes was also a great opportunity to reach a broader audience for BWRY, I wanted my readers to be able to take a piece of me with them in another special, personal way. Figuring out how to organize my clothes and make them look cute to anyone willing to buy them wasn't difficult, but the steps to getting your clothes published to your closet can be time consuming. Here I outlined the experience of making my first sale, as well as tips and tricks I figured out along the way!

Choosing Clothes

This is probably the most difficult part for me, I don’t usually follow trends in fashion so I'm personally attached to each piece of my clothing. It's so hard to let them go :( Style reloves again and again every few decades so there are very few pieces that I'm completely over. This is a dangerous game to play so I have two rules that I abide by when selecting items to sell: If it doesn’t fit and/or you haven’t haven’t worn it in a year, sell it. I have a large luggage full of the clothes and accessories in room, making it easier to keep my inventory in pristine condition.

Taking Pictures

I orchestrated a very unnecessary Twitter poll that asked my followers their preference on how they like clothing showcased. When I first stared selling my clothes online, I preferred modeling the clothes myself because it's the best way to practice my styling abilities and understand fit measurements. I'm not a person that smiles alot, and understanding that nobody wants to buys clothes from a cute, sad girl I opted to crop the photo and take pictures of the clothes on the floor. I was surprised at how much trying on these clothes made me want to keep them, but I knew if I was certain that I was going to wear them again then I wouldn't have snatched it out my closet in the first place.

Pricing Items

I love selling with Poshmark because the fees are straightforward. For all sales under $15, Poshmark takes $2.95. With sales of $15 or more, Poshmark’s commission of 20% is insignificant compared to the 80% sellers get to keep. I'm not looking to make millions, just a little pocket change and then some. Working in retail stores such as PINK and Forever 21, afforded me alot of name brand clothes to start my Poshmark closet with. Being required to estimate the original price of all items being sold is dope because it's a reality check on what people are willing to pay for clothes that are GENTLY USED (and some new) . Keep in mind that people are always allowed to counter offer with a lower price, so aim high while preparing to land somewhere average among the stars.

Congrats on your First Sale!

I made my first Poshmark sale a few weeks ago with separates of a bling outfit from PINK. I was nervous about selling them as separates, but had to needed to because the hoodie was an extra large and the bottom was a medium. I sold them both at the prices I had listed, which was great for a first sale! Everything was a breeze on my end, after confirming my postal address I printed off the shipping label sent to my email address. I was well on my way to cashing out!

Sending off the items is easier than I thought it would be. I use free USPS priority boxes (also includes Priority Mail Flat Rate or Priority Mail Regional Rate) provided by my local postal office. In my orders I also include a thank you note, wrapping tissue paper, and the neatly folded sold item. After notifying Poshmark that I sent off the items, I was able to track the package until it was received.

The glowing reviews I received for my sold items make me so happy, I hope everyone I sell to enjoys the clothes as much as I did. Comment below with your side hustle! Like and share with someone who should take a look at my closet :)

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