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I F*cking love Denim, Man!

The only structure I have in my life comes from denim. Being productive and focused is so much easier in my favorite pair of jeans. I need to get dressed quickly for impromptu plans? No problem, I’ll throw an oversized jean jacket on top of the outfit I pull together. The first few DIY clothing projects I did were inspired by my desperation to keep denim pieces I was bored with. From bleach tie-dyeing denim overalls to cutting shorts, watching YouTube videos challenged me to push the boundaries of what I knew denim to be. I will have my own denim collection, I'm claiming it now. In the meantime, here are 6 of my favorite denim pieces that really pull my closet together and make up some of my signature outfits:

High waisted black denim jeans- American Eagle

These are the only colored jeans I own and I’m ashamed! I wear these more often than I thought I would, mostly with my $75 Saint Pablo concert tee I just had to have :) While this is another denim on denim outfit, it proves contrast can be more than the typical light and dark wash blue jeans. My masculine and feminine energy have always been balanced, I love this look!

Button-down denim skort - Thrifted

I remember finding this skirt at Goodwill in Athens and thinking “Wow this basically fits, it's meant to be !” I hadn’t worn a skort since 3rd grade ( I attended Catholic school), they are comfortable and give me room to be active which I love! I’ve hung it up for the Fall, but it’ll work really well in the Spring for a casual concert or drinks with date night.

ASOS Tall RIDLEY High Waist Skinny Jeans in Delyth Green Cast- ASOS

Greenish blueish turquoisey has never looked so good! High waisted jeans are a staple in my closet because I feel more proportionate wearing them. While there are many dresses or tops that can be considered business casual, I had no idea that was possible for jeans. Although I’ve paired the jeans with lingerie, just pop on an oversized blazer and it’s perfect for casual Fridays at work!

Lee custom ripped and deconstructed jean - Kalila B. PERSONALLY gave them to me!

These are sentimental and cute, I win twice! My college roommate/sister bestowed this pair upon me junior year and I've been hooked ever since. I love them. The rips in the cheeks were done before it was cool, they show the perfect amount of skin. I could wear this outfit to a festival, showing just the right amount of skin in interesting ways is very on-brand for me!

Button down denim shirt - My mom’s closet

It’s a good thing Miss Pris (my mom) doesn’t read my blog because I straight up stole this from her. It’s the perfect thing to throw on when running a quick errand, unfortunately I ripped the slits too high so I have to wear pants or shorts underneath while in public. Buttoned all the way up, this shirt makes for the easiest top half of a Canadian tuxedo ever :)

Chorus Washed Denim Parka - ASOS

The transition from Summer to Fall has been a little easier with my denim parka. I’m anemic which means I'm cold all the time and this is the perfect weight for a “just in case” jacket. I paired the jacket with a denim on denim outfit, super simple and cute.

What ways do you wear your denim pieces? Have any suggestions on denim related crafting posts you want to see? Comment below and share this post with anyone who has worn jeans, ever.

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