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I 4C You Loving Roothie Patootie, Too!

My natural hair journey began in high school when I got tired of my hair breaking off and wanted to see how it would grow when I put time and effort into establishing a routine. My Sophomore year of college when I started actually serious about learning and maintaining my natural hair, so I shaved it off. Learning maintenance from the scalp out gave me a stronger educational foundation for every length I’ve achieved so far. YouTubers like AmbrorsiaMallborough, Naptural85, Daye La Soul were huge building blocks for that foundation of how I understand my 4c hair today. These ladies looked like me, talked like me, making it all the more easier to see that I’m beautiful too.

I’m so proud to say there’s a new, strong voice in the natural hair community, Roothie Patootie! With almost 30k followers, for the past 3 years this beauty has given us outstanding content on everything from protective styling to personal vlogs. I’m so excited to introduce you all to her spirit and her work! Take a look at our interview below:

Hey girl! It’s been too long since we’ve talked, but I’m so excited and proud of the work you’re doing with your channel. Your hair was always slayed back in the day, but I had no idea you had it like this! Talk to me about the decision to start and execute your channel.

Well let me start by saying its always good to see people I grew up with sharing their creativity online. So kudos to you on your Blog. Loving it so far!

The decision to start a YouTube channel stemmed from boredom, as I went to school in the boondocks of Ohio. Not that school didn't give me enough work to do, but the little free time I had would sometimes feel like just killing time. I've always been a creative person and felt like I needed an outlet. YouTube eventually became the answer to that.

The length, the bawdy, the versatility of your hair! They said it couldn’t be done, but you’re DOING IT with 4C HAIR!! What is one of the biggest misconceptions about our hair type and what are some important tips you can give to help us better maintain our hair?

Hahaha thank you! The biggest misconception is how versatile afro hair is! I think as African Americans we're fully aware of the versatility that comes from using hair that isn't ours (braids, wigs, weaves etc.). But there's a whole other layer of versatility that comes from our hair as it stands on its own. The learning curve that comes with realizing this is pretty steep at times. But once you get past that learning curve, you get a whole new appreciation for that crowning glory.

I love that your channel is more than hair, thank you for giving us variety! You talk about the hustle of your residency program. You’re out loud with your faith, closing your videos with a bible verse. One of my favorite videos was your Nigeran Tag with Peace (sister) and cousin, how has your culture and lifestyle influenced your perception of your hair?

Culture has definitely played a major role in the perception of my hair. Up until I big chopped in 2014, I had no clue what the real texture of my hair was. I didn't know a thing about what natural hair care entailed. All I knew about hair care was the need to chase after new growth with creamy crack. This was just the norm to me. Both in the Nigerian community I grew up in and in the African American community in general. You mentioned ladies like Naptural85 and Ambrosia Mallborough paving the way for your understanding of natural hair. Funny enough they were some of the same ladies that opened my eyes to the idea that my hair could grow and be healthy without having to subject it to relaxers.

I’m so glad that you encourage your subscribers to treat the comment section as a forum. I’ve learned so much by just seeing what tips and products were helpful for other people! Which video has gotten the best reception from your audience? What’s a good tip you learned from someone else?

One thing I love about the people that watch and comment on my videos is that there's hardly any negativity. It's all about uplifting and helping each other out. The most recent video that has been well received was my "Wash N Go on Type 4 Hair." I was a little nervous to put that one out because my wash and go didn't look like the standard 3C/4A wash n go. There were no defined curls in the video, which is what is normally expected. However, people responded so well to it. Especially because it was relatable. 

As far as a tip I've learned from someone else, people really put you on to ideas you never initially consider. For instance, there was a conditioner I was trying out for the first time and it didn't give me as much slip as I would've liked for detangling my hair. Someone commented that I should add coconut oil to it. GENIUS. Coconut oil gives so much slip and is great for detangling. I would've never thought to mix the two together.

Where do you see your channel in the next year? Are there any partnerships or collaborations that you’d like to whisper out into the universe?

What's next for my channel is more natural hair content. For a moment I started to diversify my content and as a result my channel didn't really feel like it had direction. Now that I've gotten to know my community more, I understand that the natural hair content is what's more useful. I want to continue to teach and learn from others while creating a space that encourages self love. Let's just say I wouldn't mind if some of my faves like Shea Moisture, Herbal Essence, or Pantene would holla lol. Products from these brands make up a significant portion of my hair care routine.

Thank you for taking this interview, I can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

Thanks Alex!! Can't wait to see this space grow!

What did you learn or love most about this interview ? Comment below and share this post with your favorite natural!

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