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Gratitude Scavenger Hunt!

Nothing in life ever moves fast enough for me and I'm constantly complaining about it. This gratitude scavenger hunt that I found on Twitter was the perfect reminder that my life hasn't completely gone to s#it and counting my blessings as they hatch might keep them coming. Hope you enjoy!

Find something outside you enjoy looking at.

I took this in Columbus! The leaves are so pretty this time of year, no wonder i'm the Queen of the Fall.

Find something that is useful for you.

@bymariandrew's drawings have illustrated the deepest most heartfelt points of my life.

Find something that is your favorite color.

I don't have a favorite color, but I tell everyone it's purple so here.

Find something that makes you happy.

I love concerts and live music! AH, memories :)

Find something that makes you laugh.

This was deliciously terrible.

Find something in the morning that you enjoy.

The first thing I do in the morning is check out Twitter shenanigans and pop culture news. Here's my favorite couple that happens to shine brightly on Twitter :)

Find a friend or pet that you love spending time with.

From the womb to the tomb, here's to my best b!%*h Courtney!

Find something that tastes good.

Just finished my fourth one while typing this :)

Find something that you love doing outside with friends.

I'm always taking pictures because I never want to forget anything :)

Find something that you are grateful for.

I'm grateful for growth offered in new beginnings.

Comment below with what you're grateful for, big or small! Like and share this post with a love one, happy holidays :)

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