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Dress for Your Body Type: Athletic Shape

Great news! I recently accepted the position of personal stylist with a wardrobe subscription service that recently opened a hub in Cleveland. This is exciting for a few reasons, the biggest being that I only started taking myself seriously as a stylist since I created BWRY back in August. As a personal stylist, my responsibility is to be an expert on style and my clients. I learn about their style preference and willingness to explore through their profile on our website and various social media accounts. Based on my findings, I send a variety of four or five pieces with an explanation for why they are a great choice for their body type and personal preference. Since this is the first big step towards my career I want to make a great impression! Using Stitch Fix’s Guide for dressing your body shape, I will dress each of the four body types outlined ( Pear, Hourglass, Apple, and Athletic ). Having a certain body type has never influenced my choice to wear certain patterns or colors, but the same may not be true of my clients so I need to become an expert. In addition to defining each shape, I will include highlight pieces that each type should use to accentuate or minimize certain features.

My friend Lauren has the perfect example of an Athletic body! The athletic body type, also known as the straight shape, is strong and powerful. People with this shape aren't curvy and have the weight they carry evenly distributed, think toned athlete like Alex Morgan. Power pieces for this body type are open-ended, the trick is keeping the emphasis of weight on either the bottom or top half of your body. Fun accessories also give you the freedom to highlight any part of your body you love that day! Here are some options I styled for Lauren:

Comment below with your favorite piece from any of these outfits! Like and share this post with a friend that might find this post helpful :)

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