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Crafting Things #2 : Man, I love this shirt!

AHT AHT my price just went up, talk to me nice! I've been wanting to find or make a shirt like this one ever sense I watched this video, I was obsessed. I don't like flannel, but I loved how the contrasting colors and patterns worked well together. I already had a red plaid shirt that my ex gave me, so I went to the Goodwill to find a button down of the same size shirt with complimentary pattern. I googled, googled, and googled some more about attaching sleeves and ripping seams. Until Miss Pris (My mom) stepped in, I didn't know where to start! Being quite the seamstress herself back in the day, she was instrumental in helping me figure out the machine and bringing my vision to life. Here are the tools and steps I was taught and how I executed them:


Two button down shirts

Seam ripper


Quilters pins

Sewing machine *I used a Brother LS-1717p*

Steps for Prep:

  1. Turn the shirts inside out

  2. Using a seam ripper, take your time and rip the seams of each arm starting where the sleeve is attached to the body.

  3. Turn the sleeves inside out, put the sleeve arm inside the shirt, making sure the seam of the bottom of the arm is matched with the top of the shirt's side seam.

  4. Pin the two seams together spacing each needle about 3 inches apart ( making them close together won’t hurt anything but will get annoying to remove when using a sewing machine).

Using the Machineeee (Instructions may vary)

Watch this video on how to load a bobbin on your showing machine

  1. Lower the needle the fabric using the knob on the side of the machine

  2. Place the excess fabric on the outside of the machine. Line up the center of the seam and align it with the marker on the metal throat plate.

  3. Lower the foot by pressing the grey lever.

  4. After removing the first few pins, continuously hold the seam taunt while pressing lightly on the peddle.

  5. Hold down Reverse stitch button and press pedal lightly to secure stitch. Release the button.

  6. Repeat the fourth step throughout the rest of the seam. Make sure to remove each pin before getting too close to the needle.

That's it. That's the shirt :)

Everything turning out how I expected it to was invigorating! I want to keep using my machine to practice doing a straight stitch or something new, basically I want to sew EVERYTHING! Being a well rounded stylist has always meant having some knowledge about tailoring and design work as well, this is a start. Damn. Moments like this make me remember why I started crafting to begin with. I don't know what my next craft will be, but I'm already excited to share it with you!

Comment below what crafts you would like to see me take on for future posts! Like and share with someone who is probably wearing a shirt :)

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