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Ask Bai #1 : What’s a good way to liven up your wardrobe? I feel like I'm in a rut!

Kadijah wants to know:

What’s a good way to liven up your wardrobe? For you like what do you do to shake things up? I feel like I’ve been virtually wearing similar things but just slightly different and I feel like I’m in a fashion rut.

Hey Kadijah!

I'm actually in a similar boat, I've been wearing outfits that I've already been complimented on or are a lazy type of cute! Breaking out of this cycle can be tough, try wearing statement pieces! Finding bold-colored jackets or oddly shaped purses test your personal style and are baby steps from your comfort zone. What's your least favorite piece to shop for? Go shopping for that item specifically, challenge yourself to build outfits differently and that's all the inspiration you'll need :)

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