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Am I too Masculine?

After some thought, It's likely that my style started out tiny acts of rebellion against my mom. She used to dress me in bright colors and frilly dresses because that’s what she likes and that’s how most moms want to see their daughters. Honestly, I look super cute in my baby pictures, but sometimes when I look back at them I can't' believe she's me. There are many things that have shaped my style as I've gotten older and my body has changed. I was an athlete back in the day so I’m used to wearing loose-fitting clothes that are easy to change in and out of. Up until a few years ago, I was skinny, lanky and generally uncomfortable with my body. On one hand, I felt like I never had enough body to fill out dresses and low cut tops like I want to. I’m so tall that regular dresses are too short and maxi dresses stop above my ankles and I'm not having that. Actually, unless I shell out some money for some surgery (or hit the gym) in the near future right now might be the best I'll ever look which is wild.

I really love clocking the evolution of my style, it’s been well-coordinated and a stand out amongst the crowd. I have an eye, not only for me but for what everyone else should be wearing that's special. Most people could describe my style as masculine, which is confusing to me because men have been wearing tunics and stockings since like the 15th century ( yeah, I know my history). I don’t really believe in gendered clothing, but for the sake of a label, I have a strong affection for men’s clothes and style.

On any given day you can catch me in an unremarkably colored oversized tee, jeans paired with chunky Fila sneakers *gasps*. At first, I liked rocking the “oh we just got done fucking and his clothes were easiest to find” look, but eventually I was able to mix and match his clothes with my own closet to pull together looks that I would wear in the world. The men’s section has become like my second home wherever I shop. I'll buy men’s shoes, jackets, jeans, you name it! I’ve always liked the idea of playing with proportions, so boxy clothes over my smaller frame has not only been a staple but a game-changer.for me.

Recently I've had this random insecurity where I’m not feminine enough or too masculine. When I go out I always dress pretty lowkey, but lately, I've been wanting to wear dresses and I wasn't expecting that. I dug deeper into how I felt and I think that although I’m attracted to myself I don't think other people will be unless I'm a more feminine version of myself. Part of it is my old insecurities, but the other side could be that I'm comfortable now. It's just as okay for me to have my boobs out one day as it is for me to wear my dad's old shoes the next. Hey, if Teyana found Iman then I can't WAIT to see what's coming for me when I'm ready. I’M THAT NIGGA AND THAT BITCH, GET INTO IT!

Comment below if you love wearing clothes you aren't supposed to! Like and share with someone who likes looking good no matter what!

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